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Doing Only What You Love

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In this FREE & EXCLUSIVE training, you will:

- Learn why discovering your origin story & natural talents will lead to greater authenticity in a target market.

- Identify the 'kryptonite', blow through blocks that get in the way of achieving rapid success.

- Learn how to be one of those happy people that others envy because they never think you do any 'real work'.
- Only do what you love, become an authority in any industry and watch opportunities & revenue expand.

- Learn a simple, easy to follow business model so anyone can make progress without overwhelm, doubt or fear.

-Understand this is the turning point to create the life you want to live ... choose what feels right every day.
... and much, much more!!!


I'm Blair O'Hara, founder & master coach. I''m a well-travelled Aussie, single dad of a pigeon pair, dedicated science meets spirit nerd, and health & wellness obsessed. My kryptonite is ice-cream!
I called my transformational coaching business, PhoneBooth, because it was in a phonebooth where an ordinary newspaper reporter rapidly transformed into a superhero and this is what I do for my clients.

I've spent 25 years trying to work out what my purpose in life is. From there, I figured out how I can use my superpower to benefit others and create my ideal lifestyle business.

In other words, I created a life I want to live that is unique to me and makes me happy. In this short training video, I'm going to share some genuine secrets to inspire you to do the same in rapid time!

If Destiny Is Calling... Isn't It Time To Answer?

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